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Applied by trained staff with free home service in the listed regions, Vistara Painting is not a coating that can wear off but, a process that creates microscopic texture on the surface and makes better traction on the surface of the tile which increases slip resistance from 50% up to 80%. This process significantly increases the co-efficient of friction by 0.5 to 0.7Â and reduces the slip and fall problems on dangerous surfaces in wet conditions.

ADA and OSHA Recommends that floors should meet a minimum SCOF of 0.53+ in dry floors condition whereas in Wet Floor the traction levels or friction levels are:

  1. High-Traction (0.6+)
  2. Moderate Traction (0.4-0.60)
  3. Low Traction (<0.4)

Once treated with Vistara Painting areas such as Bathrooms, Stairs, Kitchens, Wash areas in residences will have an effective slip resistance for up to 4-6 years; areas subjected to regular traffic will usually require re-treatment after 2 years. Vistara Painting also makes floors anti-microbial, anti algae (therefore Vistara Painting can be used under water in swimming pools. Vistara Painting  does not change the color or the texture of the tile or floor.