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Have you ever tried hanging wallpapers before? If you had, then you know how hard and time-consuming it is. So why not leave it to the experts so you can focus your time and energy on things that really matter most?

Having been on the business for several years, Vistra Painting Complete Painting delivers high quality wallpaper and decorative finish installation services that you can be proud of.  Installing wallpapers is not as easy as most people think. For instance, before hanging your wallpaper, the wall must be prepared carefully as bumps and nicks will definitely show through. The last thing you need is a peeled wallpaper, so we don’t take this step for granted. Our wallpaper experts will make sure that your wallpaper is installed perfectly at a very competitive price. Other decorative finishes include, suede, metallic, pearl, chalkboard.

Wallpapers and decorative finishes add elegance, beauty, a retro look or texture to your home, room or feature wall. Don’t know where to find the best ones? Send us an enquiry today and we’ll gladly help you out!